Wire Laundry Basket Ideas

Wire Laundry Basket Design

Wire laundry basket – Recently we saw some ideas for the decoration of the laundry room, remembering that like any other space in our house it deserves to pay attention, that is why we will see how to deal with the decoration of the laundry room, in this case making a modern basket for dirty clothes, where to put your dirty clothes and thus keep everything neat. You will need to make this basket a reticulated wire mesh, a circular wooden base of 35 centimeters in diameter, and 22 screws for wood and washers. Also, some wheels for your basket.

ideas for make wire laundry basket, the first thing is to adapt the metal mesh to the basket, take the measurements based on the diameter of your wooden base which can be a pizza table then leave a few more centimeters to close the cylinder. You will also have to cut a square by means of the base, in order to fold the squares and thus adjust the cylinder to the base. Connect the ends of the tube neatly to close it. The next step is to use the screws and washers to adjust the metal mesh tube to the base, making sure it is snug.

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Then continue to tighten the wheels of your wire laundry basket with screws, to give it mobility and make it an easy-to-move item in any corner of your laundry room. You could also leave it in the bathroom so that whoever goes to take a shower, leave their dirty clothes inside. We suggest you make a fabric bag of the color or pattern of your liking to complete your work, with a very simple sewing project, combining with the decoration of your laundry room or with the decoration of the bathroom. Another idea is to use a similar plastic mesh, which comes in different colors or any other flexible material but with a body that will help you build your cylinder. You can also give a coat of paint to the wooden base, with a brush or spray.

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