Very Simple Polka Dot Industrial Laundry Basket

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Industrial laundry basket – If you have a large metal bucket and spray paint at home as well as some polka dot stickers, you have almost everything ready to create a basket of personalized laundry in a very short time and with zero difficulty. A DIY of those that motivate because they are very simple and with good results, beautiful and practical. You have to choose a spray paint that can be used to paint on metal, yes, in this case Multi-Purpose Enamel Spray has been chosen in cobalt blue , but obviously you can put color that you like or that best fits with style and decoration of your house. First we have to make sure that we have all material: bucket, spray paint and round stickers, which can be found in any stationery, to create polka dots.

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Before starting to paint, in addition to removing lid it is convenient, if possible, to also remove handles from industrial laundry basket, they will be very good if we put them in their original color after finishing painting rest. Following is very easy; you just have to stick stickers all over surface. We can place them in an irregular distribution, but if someone wants to make them with a drawing or place them in a homogeneous way, then you can also, for something idea is to customize, so each one that you place to your liking. After shaking spray bottle and apply paint evenly from about 30 cm away from surface.

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Once paint is dry, we will remove stickers very carefully with a wooden stick and we will place handles again and we will have finished a fantastic and practical decorative polka dot industrial laundry basket to store our dirty clothes, or whatever we want, inside it. Same method can be used to paint many other surfaces , furniture and decorative accessories in general and if instead of taking round stickers we choose them with other shapes because we get different decorations, although we must recognize that polka dots always look great. Let’s do it?