Very Aesthetic And Practical Laundry Mesh Bags

Colored Laundry Mesh Bags

As with the clotheslines , the laundry mesh bags are essential to keep our house in order. The problem is when we do not have a gallery or a lot of room in our rooms to place it. In this post we propose aesthetic or small solutions so that the basket of dirty clothes is not a problem in decoration. A trunk also serves to store dirty clothes and is the perfect way to hide its functionality without clashing with the rest of the environment. Choose one of your style and the appropriate measures for the stay and where you want to place it or use one of the ones you already have. In our post about functional decoration, you can find several ideas to decorate with trunks or suitcases .

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It is also very typical but very aesthetic and practical to place the clothes in a wicker basket that we place well in the bathroom or in the room itself. You can find several models and sizes as well as ideas to decorate with wicker baskets in our post. We can find other materials, colors and laundry mesh bags in Ikea. For example, this decorative basket for cloth and upholstery, round, maybe fits with the decoration of your bedroom.

A small cloth laundry mesh bags that if you choose the smaller one you can put under the bed or under a bathroom cabinet. Or this cloth bag with wheels that is only 29 cm wide and easily moves when doing the laundry or place it in different spaces according to your needs. You can also choose a folding one if you prefer to keep it behind a door or in a closet when finishing the laundry. If instead of using a decorative basket you prefer to completely hide the basket of clothes, you can place a bag in a drawer of a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen cabinet.

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