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Laundry Basket Ideas – Where do you usually put old clothes and clothes inside before washing? Many will immediately think of a large basket standing in the bathroom and occupy such a valuable space, and someone will remember the drawer in the bedroom closet. All traditional options have their advantages and disadvantages. I propose to consider a wiser decision to store clothes a laundry basket with his own hands in the form of a bag! Such a fun bag of clothes is very easy to do for yourself! A small master class will help in this.

You can take a large pillowcase or sew a rectangular bag of a colored cotton sheet, or you can use an existing fabric laundry basket ideas, leftovers of some things or products. The main highlight of the entire project is around embroidery hoop to embroider a large diameter. You can buy them at many craft stores in case the house does not have its own, suitable for the size and free of this DIY crafts. The edges of the bag or pillowcases you just put fabric, thus forming a convenient “entry” round for things. The great advantage of this method of storage of clothes is that the bag does not occupy the useful space of the room.

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It can be hung by the hook inside the closet door or on the wall in the bathroom. By the way, it is not necessary to use laundry basket ideas for dirty clothes. Expand the reach! Make several bags of different sizes with rings of different diameters, hang in a vertical plane and store everything you want there, for example, clean socks, winter scarves and hats in the summer. Modern, compact appliances, together with the well-planned and efficient use of all available areas including the often unconventional use of ceilings and walls overcome the difficulties very well. In a small apartment, finding the usable laundry space is often next to impossible. Use a trolley with size wheels to fit under the lower rack for laundry.

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