Practical Ikea Laundry Basket

Fold Ikea Laundry Basket

IKEA laundry basket – If you are overwhelmed, exhausted and even sick of the tasks related to the large amount of dirty clothing that is generated in your home these brief tips are for you. We present some ideas to stop you from feeling that dirty clothes multiply by the minute and that the mountain of ironing clothes is higher than Everest itself. Organizing the laundry and the tasks related to the laundry of garments can be simplified. How? First things first… Observe and analyze carefully what system or procedure you are using in regards to dirty laundry. See if it is practical, if it works or not. If you apparently never have clean clothes that you want to use

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It will not be for space, because this dirty laundry canister is in the shape of a washing machine and although it does not reach the real dimensions of this appliance, in the photograph it can be seen that its size is much higher than that of conventional ikea laundry basket. And that the washing machines is not that they are very nice in reality, but the truth is that simplified to its minimum expression with this simple design, without cables, without kilos of weight on top , with three graphic buttons and the transparent drum the center, is quite original, do not you think?

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The dirty clothes are distinguished in that part of the center, enhancing the realism and giving the sensation that we are really in front of a washing machine. It’s hard to think that dirty clothes are stored inside ikea laundry basket and that’s why I thought it was an ingenious design where everything was stored until it was washed. In addition, the design is so clean, with a color so harmonious that can be easily incorporated into any room of the home and combined with other more elaborate furniture.