Pink Laundry Hamper Rope

Modern Pink Laundry Hamper

Pink laundry hamper – If you want the house clean, tidy and decorated, we invite you to make a practical and decorative laundry basket step by step. It never hurts to have an organizer basket at home, especially a big one where we can do laundry. Today I show you a nice and simple idea to make a basket for dirty clothes, which is not only warm, decorative and resistant, but also very useful, as we will use the right measure, When the basket is full, that means, we have a full wash.

Pink laundry hamper, begin wrapping the end of the string with a string (to remove the pony) and glue it with a drop of silicone. Then put a few drops of silicone on this first segment of the rope and fold the end on itself to glue it. Continue to put the silicone on the rope and roll it up to form a spiral. The silicone dries very quickly, in about five seconds, so it is advisable to apply it to a short section of rope, wrap it up and press it against the table or floor so that the bottom of the basket is as flat as possible.

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Stick the rope on and roll it for 17 turns. You can broaden it if you want, but remember that in the end you will be a little bit lower. When you reach the 17th round, put some silicone on the end of the round base and start gluing the rope up to make the sides. Continue to wind, remembering that you must always put the rope exactly over the rope of the previous lap. When the rope is ready, wrap and glue the other end and make a spiral, as in the second step. Finish gluing the rope with the spiral end on the side of the pink laundry hamper.

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