Oversized Laundry Hamper With A Pillow Case

Oversized Laundry Hamper Ideas

Oversized laundry hamper is dirty clothes are usually annoying. In addition to the smell, the sensation of disorder that generates in our environments when we do not have an adequate space to hide it. And then sure you have a pillow case in your home that you have not used for a long time; well, as you well know, we just re-use it. Today we will use an old pillow case to make a beautiful new basket for clothes.

To make this oversized laundry hamper for clothes, we will start by taking the pillow case and passing it through the wicker hoop. Make sure that the open part of the pillowcase is facing up. Fold the edge of the open part of the pillowcase so that it covers the wicker ring. Now take both parts of the snap button to place it on the pillowcase fabric. With the thread and the needle, sew the button. Place a part on the edge of the pillow, in the part that is above the wicker ring. Costello by the holes of the button so that it is firm, thus it will not leave with the use of the basket for the clothes.

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And stitch the other part of the button in the pillowcase part that has been located under the wicker ring. Make sure you sew the button so that you can fasten it through the wicker ring. Something like that is what you should have. Do not forget to sew both parts of the button as firmly as you can, in this way the basket for the clothes will be more resistant. Place several buttons, so that the pillow case is completely secured to the wicker ring. When you achieve that the sleeve completely surrounds the ring, you will have finished your basket for clothes made with a pillow case. When you want to wash the oversized laundry hamper, simply undo the buttons and send it straight to the washing machine, without complications.

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