Making Denim Bag Laundry Basket Holder

Laundry Basket Holder Pallet

Laundry Basket Holder – It starts to get cold and we spend much more time at home, with which, we are thinking about doing some things that will come to us very well. I do not know if it happens to you, but in summer, as we do not put the donkey at home, it seems that we look less at decorating, changing, retouching, or giving a new air to any space. But when the cold arrives, the thing changes. We look at things more at home because we spend more time in it. We take the measurement of the gap that we have and of that measurement we make the piece of the base. In this case, it is a rectangle to which we round the corners.

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We measure the perimeter of said piece to cut the fabric domiciled with that same measurement laundry basket holder. For the high measure, we choose the one that suits us best. We hold the cloth with pins and we light it to the denim base. We also pin the side of the basket with pins. And we start sewing machine, Keep in mind that you can baste the seams if it suits you better. We make another piece identical to the base and we sew it. This way we will be able to reinforce the base more. In the upper part of the bag, we make a hem of about 2 cm to put a ribbon and purse and close the bag.

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We take the tape and with the help of a safety pin, we put it inside the 2 cm lane that we have just made. Now we make a cylinder with rigid interlining, the size of the bag. We machine seam the side of said cylinder. We put the cylinder of rigid interlining inside the bag, and since it is so armed, we can put it on its feet. If you feel like it, we can put some decorative leather or simile leather handles laundry basket holder.