Laundry Net Bag: Simple Options!

Durable Laundry Net Bag

When I had to choose my laundry net bag , it was an odyssey, and it was not worth any, the typical plastic colors I did not like, I was clear that I wanted something in wicker and to be white, glamour even for do the laundry that’s me! But when I came across this DIY hallucination, the amount of trips from store to store would have saved me and that is that we often get too complicated and the solution is much easier than we thought. I could have bought one of those “Horrendos” plastic baskets and with a couple of strings I would have had a “more molon” clothes basket and a lot cheaper and with the satisfaction of having done it myself.

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The laundry net bag of clothes are an element that we all have at home to keep dirty clothes until you have to wash them, but until now you have certainly not given more than that use, right? Do not worry; today we bring you some great ideas to reuse them in different ways. It’s as simple as painting wicker or rattan baskets and labeling with the message you want. You can do it by hand drawing the letters or placing stickers. You can even create two baskets; one for dirty clothes and one for clean clothes ready for ironing.

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The “mud cloth” prints are a great trend, as you can see. This fantastic ethnic drawing is divine incorporated into a basket for clothes. You only have to look for a fabric that you like and cover a basket with few rods. We share another basket of cloth clothes. On this occasion one for clothes with a wooden board, metal grid and a cloth bag.  This dirty laundry net bag is a perfect idea to leave dirty clothes hanging behind the door and not take up space in the bathroom.