Large Laundry Hamper Ideas

Top Large Laundry Hamper

Large laundry hamper – First we will remove the tabs from the top, and we will do it with the help of the scissors or cutter, do it with a lot of care, and try to leave the cuts as clean as possible. And this is how the box is; we already have the basic structure of the basket. To reinforce it and not break it, we will cover it with pieces of newspaper, we will glue it with a mixture of white glue and a trickle of water, I do not like to dilute the white glue a lot. With the help of the sponge roller we will start to put the glue in small areas of the box, and we will stick the little pieces of newspaper, with this we will reinforce the box, we will give it a lot of structure and it will remain very resistant, we will go repeating these steps take the faces of the box, first we will give a layer with newspaper, let dry for a few hours and then we will apply a second layer with small pieces of newspaper.

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To make the pieces of the basket add a thick cotton cord, this is an optional step. make 2 holes at 10 cm and 8 cm away, to cut the holes we must help with elute, giving several cuts diagonally and with the help of the scissors we will shorten all the excess and ready we have our hole finished, we repeat the same steps to make 4 holes in total and to put the azas to the large laundry hamper.

We also need 4 inner sides decartulina, similarly measures the inside faces of your box for large laundry hamper. To cover the catulin frames we need it, and you should cut it 5 cm larger than the pieces of cardboard. We also need 4 pieces of fabric to line the inside face of cardboard. To cover the cardboard, we will do it with white undiluted solution and we spread it with the help of the sponge roller, for the whole piece, you can also use a brush.

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