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Hidden laundry hamper a classic and useful complement that accompanies us for some time as a complement to home, are fashionable. In their decorative aspect they are a very usable complement for rustic decorations, of industrial air but they also have a place in any other decorative style. Either as a contrast or complementary element. We can use the baskets to decorate any room in the house. Also without losing sight of its original use, storage. In areas of passage as receivers, in the laundry rooms or in the kitchen baskets are like fish in water, is their original medium and can be used to store many things. We will always find some use and give a touch of authenticity.

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Whether it is for storing food or clothing, it is an obstacle to help reduce clutter. Ironically, baskets can also cause clutter by occupying space and adding a monstrosity to the objects that overflow. A few hiding places can make your basket almost disappear, however they remain accessible. Laundry hamper can be hidden in storage cabinets and basements. Flexible hidden laundry hamper made of cloth will slide under the beds with enough clearance from the floor. Lightweight baskets can be hung behind the closet doors or in cabinets to free space on the floor. Compact baskets can hide under sinks and covered tables. Suitcases and trunks can also provide a temporary home.

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A custom basket could fit within the dimensions of a closet in a laundry room. If you are skillful you can make a basket of an old zip jacket by sewing the armholes and bottom closure and then you can hang it like a regular jacket in a closet. Hidden laundry hamper may resemble a piece of furniture that appears while concealing clutter. Hindering styles include wicker or lattice frames. A bucket-shaped basket could act as a small table covered with an attractive linen cover for the bathroom or bedroom. Sturdy, well-balanced baskets could even double as a low seat tucked under a table or a dresser desk.