Ideas For Make Vintage Laundry Basket

Vintage Laundry Basket Ideas

Vintage laundry basket can be found in most department stores and can be used in a variety of ways. You can build your own laundry basket out of PVC pipe and attach it to your bathroom wall. The realization of a laundry basket and attaching it to a bathroom wall will give your clothes that they never touch the damp bathroom, keep the clothes dry and prevent mold and mildew from forming on the laundry. And to make vintage laundry basket, you need: 6 meter 1 inch PVC tube. 4 PVC corner-plug collections. PVC cement. Pipe mounting bracket. Jigsaw. Handheld drill machine. And screws. Then also warehouse laundry bag.

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Ideas for make vintage laundry basket use a stick saw to cut PVC tubes in four different 18-inch sections. This will be the framework for your laundry basket. Forms a square by connecting the 18-inch sections with the corner plug. And PVC glue can be used as a permanent way of holding the laundry basket together, or you can simply place and remove the connectors as you choose. And if you are using PVC adhesive, make sure you are in a well ventilated area.

Attach the mounting bracket to the vintage laundry basket frame by means of drills and screws. Then place the bracket in the middle of one of the PVC pieces to help with stability when the laundry curve has been hung. And then screw the pipe mounting bracket into the wall with a screw. Be sure to hang the hammer 3 meters from the floor in an area where there will be no danger of getting into the road. And then place detachable mesh laundry bag over the sides of the PVC seat and pull the cord tight, so when the garment is loaded into it, the bag will not slide out.

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