Ideas For Make Folding Laundry Hamper

Folding Laundry Hamper Style

Folding laundry hamper – Saving space can be a big problem, especially when it comes to items you use occasionally. A folding laundry basket can be easily stored when it is not being used, which leaves more space for other things. A folding wooden basket can be made using an “X” shaped support structure on a major axis, with a bag attached to the frame above. The bag can be made removable using snaps, which allows the frame to fold and the bag can be removed when it is time to wash clothes.

Ideas for make folding laundry hamper cut four pieces of 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) wood by 1 and 1/2 inch (3.81 cm) of 40 and 1/4 inches (102 cm) long, which will serve as supports for the basket. Cut two pieces of 1/2 inch rod, 18 inches long (45 cm). Cut two additional pieces of 1/2 inch rod, 17 inches (43 cm) long. Place the four supports on the floor, so that the tips are at the same height. From one of the tips of the supports, measure the distances of 1, 20 1/8, and 39 1/4 inches (2.54, 52 and 100 cm). Mark these distances on the four supports.

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Then to make folding laundry hamper, using a drill, make 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) holes in the middle of each mark on each of the supports. Place two of the side brackets 18 inches apart from each other. Place glue in the holes below and above each of the supports. Insert an 18-inch rod into the top and bottom of the support, so that each end of the rod is firmly in the hole. The result will be a box that will serve as half of the frame, with two 1/2 inch rod sides and two 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch wood. Let it dry. Repeat the operation with the other supports and 17-inch rods. The resulting structure will be just smaller than the first, so it will enter through the 18-inch opening. Place a 1/4 inch nut in the middle hole of each 17-inch bracket. Slide the 17-inch frame into the other, 18-inch. Align the center holes on each side of the boxes.

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