How To Make Vintage Wire Laundry Basket

Cute Vintage Wire Laundry Basket

Vintage wire laundry basket – According to the measurements, shape and sizes that you want your basket to have, make a pattern on paper to be able to apply it on the steel mesh. For a square basket, for example, it is very easy to make a pattern in the form of a Greek cross all sides equal. The center of the cross is the base of the basket and the four arms are the four walls or sides. On the internet you can find patterns for your first baskets. Then, you will do them yourself according to the basket you project size, width and height.

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With the pattern on paper, you just have to apply it on the mesh and cut to give your vintage wire laundry basket the desired shape. Be careful and cut delicately, and avoid accidental scratches. With the cross-shaped mesh, you only have to fold it in the right places, the base of the basket will be the center of the cross, from there you can use a guide or rule to hold the bottom and lift each of the four sides. As the wire is easily malleable, you will do it quite easily. Then with the help of the pliers, you see closing each edge of the basket so that the auction is perfect.

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With the vintage wire laundry basket mounted, you just have to apply the handle on the upper part, folding the ends of the mesh with the pliers, fix the handle in the simplest and easiest way. Fold over the edge of the handle each of the wires that make up the mesh. Now it only remains that you give style and personality to your basket. For a simple basket, but with a rustic touch, you can line the handle with string of pita and then include a piece simply tied to the mesh. If you want a romantic and vintage basket, line the handle with a crochet chain and apply flowers also crochet in the body of the basket. The possibilities are endless.

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