How To Clean Cute Laundry Hamper

The Cute Laundry Hamper

Cute laundry hamper – Sometimes, baskets can develop mold, stain or fill with lint and dirt. Here we present some recommendations to clean them. This article only applies to baskets made of natural materials such as bamboo, rush, wicker, etc. The baskets made of plastic should be cleaned following the instructions of the plastic cleaners. Empty all the contents inside the basket. If it is a picnic basket, take the opportunity to wash everything inside again for the purpose of fixing it. Take the basket outdoors. If it is possible to give a good shake without damaging it, do it. Be careful with the joints of the lid. Remove lint by hand or with a small nozzle attached to a vacuum cleaner. Make sure the vacuum is turned on at low power; you do not want the material in your basket to fall off and lose its shape.

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If the cute laundry hamper has spots, you will have to decipher what type they are. Surely some can be removed by just passing a cloth; others, probably, are permanent and you can only clarify them slightly. Picnic baskets are more likely to have food stains, which should be cleaned immediately. You can treat the spots by rubbing them with a little water with baking soda. This compound is a light abrasive that you should only use with a soft sponge. If necessary, you can also use lemon juice to lighten the stain. After you have removed the stain with water, let the basket dry in the open air.

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After you have completely cleaned the basket, use a soft cleaning cloth moistened with water to clean it, both inside and outside. Fix any break in your cute laundry hamper. Reattach any fastening of the cap that has loosened and reinsert any fiber from the basket that has come out. If the hole is very large and your basket has some sentimental value, send it to a professional to fix it. Between each wash, you can keep your basket free of bad odors and with a nice aroma by spraying it with baking soda at the base and edges of the basket.