How To Clean And Maintain The Canvas Laundry Basket

Size Of A Canvas Laundry Basket

Canvas Laundry Basket – Canvas material is now not just for artists only. Canvas is a durable and stylish strong material. For laundry basket that made from a very flexible canvas used for any purposes including to decor your room. To take care of the canvas material takes several steps, and instantly your canvas will be clean, fresh again and ready to use as a complement to the room style you go. Here are tips on how to clean and maintain the canvas material.

Fill the main compartment of the canvas laundry basket bag until it is full. This keeps the bag shape, while you clean the outside. Prepare a bowl and pour cold water to taste, dip the soft cloth and wring fully. The cloth should be moist but not too saturated so as not to damage the canvas. Hold the bag at a 45-degree angle. Apply stains on the entire side of the bag with a damp cloth earlier. Never rub too hard, but apply it gently. This will lift some dirt stuck in the canvas material. Add a drop of baby shampoo to the cloth. Rinse the fabric until it forms a foam and then applies stains and dirt from the canvas bag with a foamy fabric. Use running water to remove any soap from the cloth. Rinse and wring out the cloth, after the cloth is clean, apply the stain on the bag again to remove the remaining shampoo residue Dry the bags in areas that are not exposed to the sun directly.

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And these are to maintain the canvas laundry basket. Keep your canvas bag in the closet. If you do not plan on wearing it for a long time should not be placed in a humid place. Use camphor on your bag and canvas bag to keep it from getting damp & moldy. Do not be exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight makes the color of the bag will quickly fade. Never use a washing machine to clean your canvas bag. Never soak or drown bags in water. Always use a little cold water and apply gently on the part of the stained bag.