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Flexible Red Laundry Basket

Red laundry basket – Taking advantage of a question that a reader sent me by email, today we are going to talk about ironing room, office, or clothesline. A little glamorous but very important to maintain good organization and functioning of house. To optimize it and to have it in most orderly way possible will always be our main objective. But I know that many of you do not have a room in iron! For all of you I have something reserved at end of post.  By maintaining as a basis that these types of rooms are quite small in today’s homes, first thing we should do is list our priorities. Each family will have theirs. I leave here those that I consider most important.

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Ideally for me it would be to have several, one for each member of family and another large one for household items (tablecloths, bedclothes, towels, etc.). Rectangular red laundry basket for freshly ironed clothes:  to place ironed clothes and then distribute them through cabinets.  If everything is ordered and has its place, it is easier for any member of family to find what they are looking for. Ironing table is a “tuneado” compact ironing board, table is from IKEA, some wheels have been added, and a wooden board cut to size, (in DIY stores you can buy wood of different thickness, quality and can be cut as you prefer)

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With a fleece have lined ironing board, with this type of cars you have drawers and you can put on shelf red laundry basket to have everything neat. If you are very handy you can encourage yourself to make this room laundry, with some plywood shelves (in DIY stores you can buy cut to size woods), with a wood tint have given a darker finish. They have put a bar between shelves for clothes that have to be hung and have placed baskets in lower part to put dirty clothes. Super practical! You just need to have enough space…