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Stacking Laundry Basket Storage Bin

Laundry basket storage – It is a horror. You arrive at the gallery and you find a pile of dirty clothes stacked in bad ways that we have been accumulating throughout the week and we look forward to it again be all clean, ironed and guardadita in our drawers of the closet. But until all this process is completed, the clothes continue there: revolt, piled up, and occupying all the space. That’s why most of us choose to buy a boat or a bucket where we put all the clothes and thus avoid giving a bad impression. An exclusive place for dirty clothes. But of course, if we are the kind of people who are furnishing the house looking for innovation and originality, we need something more than just any cube at 100. Well, now we can buy something according to our demands.

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It is laundry basket storage for dirty clothes but with a peculiarity: it is a shark. Although it is a simple design, the truth is that it will provide that originality that we were looking for. The shark will swallow all the clothes we offer him. The opening to introduce the dirty garments is logically the mouth of the shark, whose stomach seems to have no bottom. Now all that pile of accumulated clothes we can hide it in the belly of this marine beast and the shark we can place it where we want.

No need to hide the boat full of dirty clothes, because the laundry basket storage is worth being exposed anywhere. It will be great next to the washing machine, either in the gallery or in an interior room of the house. It will give the home that funny touch we were looking for and we will achieve that this everyday element in the houses is also seen as original. In addition, given its storage capacity, we can always use it in other contexts.

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