Find Out Diy Travel Laundry Bag

Rope Travel Laundry Bag

Travel laundry bag – We have bad habit of stacking clothes in bed, desk chair, closet and wherever possible. As a result, many times we do not know what is clean and what is not, in end we end up washing more and worse, we deteriorate our clothes faster. For this reason, today we will teach you how to make a rope basket that will serve to keep everything you want, you can even take it to beach next summer and so you will have dirty clothes away from clean one. Take a rigid bucket or basket; this will serve as a guide for our basket. Start winding rope as you see in photo and gradually apply silicone, so that it is well secured.

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This will serve us for base of our travel laundry bag. When you have base ready, begin to surround cube little by little and using silicone gun you will see rope sticking and at same time squeezing it well so that it stays fixed and does not move. good thing is that glue takes very little time to dry, so we will not have to wait too long. Keep wrapping rope over bucket or basket and give it as many turns as you want basket to be high. When you have finished let it dry well. Since it is very dry, little by little, take out cube from inside structure that you have created.

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Place one of leather strips and with punch make a small hole in each edge, with an inch of separation between corners itself. Do same with other strip of skin that we have reserved. Now take riveter with rivets and fix strips on each side of travel laundry bag, ensuring that distance between one rivet and another is equidistant and also in front of other tape, which will make work of handles. It’s time to try it! … This basket will help you get a unique touch of style and personality.