Fashionable Stacking Laundry Baskets

Stacking Laundry Baskets Bin

Stacking laundry baskets – The wicker comes from the trees, from its stem and branches by slices cut longitudinally and thus generate the long sheets with which the tissues are made. These fabrics come from medieval basketry, although they have become fashionable a few years ago to create both furniture and lamps and even fabrics to cover walls or separate spaces. Currently manufactured with a frame of a material or a type of wicker more resistant, and the rest is composed of another more flexible. Light and economic, it is a rustic and handmade material that will perfectly combine with a beach decoration or tropical and outdoor motifs.

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Let’s focus specifically on the woven stacking laundry baskets. These usually last for many years if treated with care, and if they are varnished or painted, then much more. A basket can easily pass from one generation to the next without many changes. Let’s see how we can use these objects of ancient technique in our modern lifestyle. A small basket can be in the entrance to deposit the keys and always keep them in place. They can also be there to receive letters or important documents so they can be seen when we enter or leave the room and thus remind us of commitments.

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In the bathroom, near the sink, we can have baskets with stocks of toilet paper or toothpaste. But we can also use them to display clean towels, perfumes or makeup. It is not advisable to use them for the toothbrush or razor. Being a fabric, the continuous humidity can end up damaging the material and needing a replacement. Unless inside the stacking laundry baskets we place a transparent glass, where moisture is not transferred. Another decoration that modifies the basket more is to add ribbons, bows or fabrics. It is a good idea if inside the basket we will place something delicate, like quilts. Thus, although it may lose firmness over the years, it will not leave pieces of material inside the basket or scrape what we have inside.

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