Fabulous Large Wicker Laundry Basket

Large Wicker Laundry Basket Color

Weaving a large wicker laundry basket is an exciting and quite simple project that results in a useful and beautiful vessel. Wicker baskets have been used for many years, probably centuries, to hold laundry, vegetables, food and firewood. Weaving a willow wicker basket also represents a fabulous pastime whose results can be admired, shown to other people with pride and used for many years.  Buy an adequate amount of willow bars in desired colors to make your basket. Between half and three quarters of a pound of dried willow should be enough to weave a medium-sized basket. You can make a large basket with longer lengths or a small wicker basket with shorter ones. Use dry willow. If you buy wet willow, let it dry before using it.

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Take and cut eight pieces of willow (length can be as long as you want, pieces must be same length, though), forming a tunnel, or spokes, for large wicker laundry basket. To make a tunnel, willow bars are crisscrossed as if they were making a string of threads. Cut a small opening in center of four of pieces, which remain flat. After that, insert four non-split radii into cuts. Now you must have a strong transverse shape. Fold a long piece of willow in half around one of radii of cross-shaped base. Then twist ends of piece below and over warp of basket twice. Work below and above each individual spoke about next wrap, which separates four arms of cross into 16 individual radios.

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Overlay new weavers with old ones, as needed to continue braiding until you have a proper base for basket. Shape sides of basket using new spokes. You can push this simply in place. Then tie ends of new spokes together, holding firmly in a vertical shape. Add new weavers by pushing them through base of woven wicker basket just like spokes did. Interlacing start around sides until you reach desired height. Bend each of spokes down, and put ends in your woven large wicker laundry basket in order to form a clean edge.