Decorative Laundry Hamper Style

Stylish Decorative Laundry Hamper

Decorative laundry hamper – The wicker baskets are perfect for storing items in the bathroom such as soaps and dried aromatic flowers, or to place laundry. That’s why, and because we know that you love making your own decorative details, today we want you to create your own wicker basket. The first thing that will have to be done will be to create a woven base for the basket. Place five long canes in a vertical direction on a smooth and comfortable surface and knit five canes inwards and outwards with the canes that you had placed vertically, creating a square that will be in the center. Weaving with wicker canes

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Decorative laundry hamper style, an aid will be the clothespins that will help you to hold the wicker canes. Fold up the corners of the square and tighten them with the tweezers, leaving them secure. Take a cane from the center, from one end and divide it down in the center using the scissors. You will have to weave the cane that has been divided inwards and outwards from the rest of the reeds, introducing the end of the cane towards the inside of the base. Accuracy and patience. Repeat this action until you reach the height you had planned for your wicker basket.

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Once ready, cut the reeds so that the edge is covered and smooth. For this it will be necessary to leave at least four or five centimeters that protrude from the basket. Make sure the scissors cut well because the cane is quite hard. Put the reeds inside the basket, inside another cane woven on the bottom. Roll a longer shank all over the top edge of the basket and with a thinner shank for decorative laundry hamper, sew it around the longest shank and when you have covered the entire edge, place the thinner shank inside your new basket.