Cute Elephant Laundry Basket

Bamboo Elephant Laundry Basket

Elephant laundry basket – The smell of clean and freshly ironed clothes is something that all people like, however, the laundry is usually that space in the house that we do not always have ordered, almost without realizing it, a lot of clothes accumulate in it. Wash, or a pile of ironing clothes, so that with the hustle and bustle of everyday life is leaving and comes a time that is saturated with clothes. That is why it is usually a place in the house that is not taught to a possible visit, it is definitely not open to the public , perhaps because it is considered a place of work without attraction for the visitor.

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It is usually located next to the kitchen, on a terrace or in the basement next to the garage. A professional architect can help us improve our laundry. Having a large space facilitates the design of any area. In this case we have a laundry room that, in addition to natural light and ventilation, also has a lot of space. We see a large closet to store clothes washed and dried and then ironed and shelves with elephant laundry basket near the washing machine.  This laundry has a washing machine, dryer and ironing area, with a distribution of this work area that makes it comfortable for the person in charge of this task.

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Because it has become a warm place where it is perceived that order reigns, cleanliness and good taste and therefore worthy of showing visitors. Sometimes you can go to the laundry solution of a lifetime. Where the washing machine is located under the countertop in which the sink is located with a folding door to store detergents and washing products, complemented by an elephant laundry basket wicker in the middle, between the washing machine and the sink furniture.