Customize Small Laundry Basket

Small Laundry Basket Wicker

Small laundry basket has evolved from a piece of sports equipment in an article of fashion clothing. Intricate patterns on sneakers are representative of their owners. Paying for custom sneakers can cost you hundreds of dollars plus the cost of the shoes. Fortunately, you can customize your own basketball sneakers with a couple of cheap supplies and the right steps. You will find it much more fun and rewarding to design your own personal sneakers


Remove the end of your small laundry basket with acetone. Each sneaker is covered with clear finishing that prevents leather color from adequate fastening and drying to sneaker. Soak cotton balls into acetone and remove the ends in the areas you want to paint. Cover other areas with tape to prevent removal of the fabric finisher. Sketch the contours of the design with a pencil. Use like punches so you can delete if you make a mistake. Place shoes side by side and check for the patterns that are symmetrical. If not, delete and edit one to fix the problem. For beginners, sketch a simple design. There is a practice to create a clean and precise design. For your first pair, choose simple shapes and colors.

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Paint your small laundry basket with leather color. This color is specially designed to accompany leather surfaces. You can also use color markers. Paint markers simplify customization, but leather color creates a more professional finish. Use larger brushes for larger areas and less for more precise designs. If you make layers of patterns, allow a layer to dry properly before the top layer. Wipe sneakers for at least a couple of days. You must allow plenty of time for the color to dry.

Otherwise you risk the smearing design or let the paint drain. Keep your sneakers in a dry place at room temperature. Humid places or extreme heat cause the paint to drain. Apply clear coat spray to basketball sneakers after the paint has dried completely. Clear coat helps mix color and protects the structure from deterioration over time. If you do not apply clear coat, your design can scratch quickly from constant wear.

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