Best Narrow Laundry Hamper

Narrow Laundry Hamper Ideas

Narrow laundry hamper – Washing is not really the most favorite activity for most of us. You are never finished. Consider replacing your current laundry basket with a nice wicker laundry basket. The natural look of this gives your laundry room a pleasant character which makes the ‘washing’ suddenly much more fun! Not only in the laundry room, but also in the bathroom or in the storage space, a beautiful rattan laundry basket will not be out of place and it is just very practical.

It is important that you know what practical requirements you are placing on your narrow laundry hamper. Do you often have to climb stairs, do you want to sort the laundry immediately, and do you have enough room for the laundry basket? Do you prefer a lot of small laundry, or do you prefer to save the laundry in order to do everything in one washing machine?  Once you know exactly what you want or need, you can look at the design. Is there room for a round laundry basket, square laundry basket or an elongated model? Prefer a high or low model? Or maybe even a wicker laundry basket with lid, a narrow laundry hamper with two compartments or just one big wicker laundry basket? If you know what you are looking for, we will provide a suitable basket.

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A narrow laundry hamper belongs in every household. A laundry basket is still a large and striking object and should therefore also look good. Fortunately, there are many types of beautiful laundry baskets and washbasins. Laundry baskets are all but boring nowadays. Choose a matching laundry basket for the bathroom or bedroom. Combine the color of the laundry basket with that of the bathroom, or just go for a contrasting look. Nowadays you see more and more narrow laundry hamper of steel appear.