Backpack Laundry Bag Multi Functional Item

Backpack Laundry Bag Small

Backpack Laundry Bag – A laundry bag is a bag used to transport clothes, such as a laundry or coin laundry. Some laundry bags are also used as baskets in places where there is not much room for a basket. Baskets are often quite tall, made of plastic or metal and they sit in a closet. A laundry bag usually takes up less space than a basket, as it can be hung on the back of a door or inside a closet or even on a hook on the wall. Many laundry bags have a lanyard cord fastening that loosens to add or remove clothing to the bag and is tightened to carry clothes to and from the laundry facility.

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The bag can be hung over the shoulder just as Santa Claus is often illustrated with a bag of gifts over one shoulder. Some people prefer the type of laundry bag with the style of a backpack laundry bag. Laundry bag backpacks have two straps that fit under the arms and around the shoulders. They can have a cord, brooch or zipper and the clothes are worn on the back that conveniently leaves both hands free. The compartments to hold washing soap, fabric softener, stain remover, coins and other supplies are a part of some laundry bags. A basic laundry bag only has space for clothes and/or bedding. A laundry bag is a good alternative to a laundry basket.

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When camping at a campground with coin laundry facilities, a backpack laundry bag is a practical option since these laundries are likely to need outside access. If it rains, clothes will stay dry in laundry bags than in open baskets. In addition, a laundry bag is likely to occupy less space in a tent or caravan than a basket or would make it difficult. College students who take laundry houses on weekends or holiday periods can also find transporting their clothes in bags easier than in open baskets.